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Keynote Papers

Valuation of Travel Time Reliability in an Extended Expected Utility Theory Framework Paper
Zheng Li, David A. Hensher, and John M. Rose
The Role of an Evolving Paradigm in Shaping International Transport Research and Policy Agendas over the last 50 Years Paper
Peter Jones

Resource Papers

Workshop 1
The Role of Travel Behavior Research in Reducing the Carbon Footprint: From the U.S. Perspective Paper
Susan L. Handy, and Kevin J. Krizek
Sustainable Transportation Development: Behavioral and Emission Modelling Paper
Wafaa Saleh, and Ravindra Kumar
Workshop 2
Parcel-Level Microsimulation of Land Use and Transportation: The Walking Scale of Urban Sustainability Paper
Paul A. Waddell
Workshop 3
Sample optimality in the design of stated choice experiments Paper
John M. Rose, and Michiel C.J. Bliemer
Workshop 4
Behavioral Freight Movement Modeling Paper
Amir Samimi, Kouros Mohammadian, and Kazuya Kawamura
Improving Our Understanding of Freight Travel Decision Making: Motivations, Constraints, Incentives and Interactions Paper
Sean M. Puckett
Workshop 5
Modelling individual preferences, State of the art, recent advances and future directions Paper
Elisabetta Cherchi
Workshop 6
Agent-based traffic assignment: going from trips to behavioral travelers Paper
Kai Nagel, and Gunnar Flotterod
Workshop 7
Data Collection Technologies - Past, Present, and Future Paper
Sudeshna Sen, and Stacey Bricka